Want Better Gas Mileage?

Convert Your Car Into a "Hydrogen Hybrid"
To Increase Gas Mileage by 35% up to 185%,
Improve Horsepower and Lower Emissions!

High Gas Prices Killing You?  Get Step-by-Step instructions to Convert Your Vehicle into a    Hydrogen Hybrid and save TONS OF MONEY on fuel costs, while dramatically lowering emissions, cleaning out your engine and improving vehicle performance!

Our Hydrogen Hybrid conversion guides will show you how to build and install your own Hydrogen Generator System (HHO Generator) which produces hydrogen "On-Demand", only as you need it.

    HHO Generators turn WATER into HYDROGEN GAS and are:

1. CHEAP to build, totally safe and EASY to install. The device pays for itself within 30 days.

2. PROVEN to increase gas mileage by 35% up to 185%, without engine modification.

3. Compatible with ALL vehicle types, including Fuel Injected and Carbureted Engines; Gasoline,   Diesel, LP Gas and Electric Hybrids, with or without turbo charger; Boats and Motorcycles.

4. Safely creates Hydrogen On-Demand; without the need to dangerously store this         explosive gas under pressure in tanks.

5. HHO Gas packs incredible power, increasing horsepower and overall performance while          keeping your engine running clean and cool, as well as lowering exhaust gas emissions.

6. Many people have DOUBLED their gas mileage with HHO injection. Big Truck owners have     installed several of these systems and have reported 37-88% increases in fuel efficiency.

7. The IRS will pay YOU for the cost of building and installing your HHO system!

8. Make an extra $300-$500 per week installing HHO Kits for others, PART TIME!

Keep reading to find out even more about how you can use HHO Technology to save fuel,        lower exhaust pollution and most importantly SAVE MONEY!

If after reading this page you still need to know more, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Hydrogen Conversion kits effectively turn your vehicle into a Hydrogen Hybrid by producing and injecting hydroxy gas (HHO) into your vehicle's air intake system. It works by utilizing a 100 year old proven technology called electrolysis.


By placing two pieces of metal in distilled water, and applying electricity, the water (H2O) can instantly be separated into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The separated gas molecules surface and regroup to form HHO GAS, which is an unbonded mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

This Hydroxy Gas is then injected into your vehicle's air intake system as a Supplemental Fuel.  HHO Gas has proven to increase mileage while improving horsepower and lowering emissions.

The video below shows an HHO Generator in action.



HHO Gas is BETTER than Pure Hydrogen because you are also producing Oxygen, which
causes gasoline and diesel fuel to ignite FASTER and MORE EFFICIENTLY, resulting in HIGHER

FACT: Pound for pound HHO is 10x MORE powerful than gasoline or diesel fuel!  Are you Spending too much money on fuel? Maybe it's time you joined the thousands of people worldwide who are already using HHO Technology to improve their vehicle's fuel economy.

This technology has already been tested and proven to work by thousands and thousands
of people. Despite undeniable evidence, many people still claim that HHO is a "scam", although these very same people who doubt this technology also refuse to even try it. The only way to know the truth is to FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.


Now here's the BEST NEWS. You can easily build and install you own HHO Generator using our multiple designs listed below, using about $50 in parts found at your local Hardware Store, and start SAVING GAS today!


Absolutely! HHO injection can do amazing things for your vehicle if you use the right setup. We've included the BEST HHO generator designs in our multiple plans package to help you build the right system for your vehicle. Thousands of people have already installed HHO generators in their cars and trucks, and have reported mileage improvements of 35% up to 185%.

FACT: Over 60% of the gasoline that you buy is wasted through fumes, vibration, evaporation and unburned fuel. You see, gasoline is a complex molecule, and it does not burn completely due to its complexity. Just go outside and run your finger around the inside edge of your exhaust pipe. That sticky black smudge is wasted, unburnt gas.... and your wasted money!

Once you add HHO to the equation, you change the way your engine processes fuel and increase its potential to use EVERY DROP of gasoline that you pay for.

fuel gaugeImagine if you could start getting 30 or 45 MPG instead of just 15 or 23 MPG? How much money could you be saving every month on gas? Although results may vary depending on the type of vehicle you own - if you convert your car into an HHO Hybrid, you WILL save fuel, boost engine performance and lower emissions.

Now is the time for you to enjoy the benefits that big truck drivers (and Big Oil) have known for years. You CAN convert your vehicle into a Hydrogen Hybrid TODAY!  You don't need to wait for vehicle manufacturers to do it for you. They are in agreement with the oil industry and have no intention of releasing any technology that will save gas and ruin their economy.

We have the technology to solve the "energy crisis" and protect the environment - right now.  You can help save our environment and your gas money starting today, all by just using water.  HHO Technology is a 100% effective, EASY solution that anyone can build and install at home, without making any modifications to your car's engine. You can convert ANY car or truck into an HHO Hybrid within minutes.

Our multiple conversion guides will show you exactly how. These systems are easy to install and require very little maintenance. Plus, HHO Injection works on all vehicle types!


Take a moment to watch the video below and see how HHO Gas is the solution to not only high fuel prices, but also for the safety of our environment and our economy.

You're probably starting to wonder why HHO Technology isn't being used by car
manufacturers in America and other countries? That's A Great Question!  Some people say it's because they just haven't heard about HHO Technology yet. Yeah right! This technology has been around for over a Hundred Years!

The simple truth is this:  They really don't want to make cars with high gas mileage. Why? Because our government rakes in BILLIONS of dollars each year on gasoline taxes, and they don't want to lose their little golden goose by making cars with really high gas mileage. Instead they want to make Hydrogen Fuel Stations so they can charge you for it, just like gas!

They would rather you drive around with a pressurized tank of Hydrogen gas in the back of your car, like a giant Hydrogen Bomb on wheels. HHO Technology produces hydrogen On-Demand, making it perfectly safe for you and your passengers. Now is the time to take a stand and do what auto makers have been refusing to do for decades.


Pollution is getting worse every day.  With HHO Technology we can begin to reverse this trend by eliminating harmful exhaust emissions. Converting your car to a Hydrogen Hybrid is the very first practical, affordable step you can take towards reversing the damage that vehicle exhaust gas emissions have already done to our planet.

HHO Technology is the perfect solution!

1. HHO Technology can help Lower Pollution by reducing harmful emissions, while also releasing oxygen and water vapor into the atmosphere.

2. Hydrogen Generators are Cheap and Easy To Build and Install. You can install one in your vehicle in less than 20 minutes!

3. You can be the first in your area to convert your car into a "Hydrogen Hybrid"- using a safe, affordable fuel. In fact it's the CLEANEST fuel because HHO converts back into water vapor and oxygen after it burns!

4. Water is FREE and can be obtained anywhere. Less than a QUART is needed to provide enough HHO gas to power your vehicle for hundreds of miles! Why spend money on a new hybrid car when you can just make your own for a fraction of the cost.

5. Increase your gas mileage by 35% up to 185% for less than a hundred dollars!

6. Since HHO causes gasoline to burn faster, less heat is transferred to the engine, resulting in lower engine temperature and reduced wear.

7. HHO injection also increases overall vehicle performance, improving torque and horsepower while reducing vibration and cleaning out the inside of your engine.


Since HHO Generators produce highly explosive gas, you might be thinking "Is it safe to have this under the hood of my car?" YES! HHO Technology is totally safe, for a number of reasons. HHO Generators employ two different types of safety measures; a Safety Bubbler and another device called a "Flashback Arrestor".  Also, with HHO Technology your creating Hydrogen ON DEMAND, so nothing is stored under pressure in tanks.

Should your engine backfire, the flashback arrestor will extinguish the flame before it can travel into your HHO system. And if the flashback arrestor should fail, the lid on your safety bubbler is designed to "pop open" and release pressure while the water inside prevents the flame from traveling to your HHO Generator.

HHO Technology is completely safe, if it wasn't we would not be in business right now. HHO Generators create hydrogen on-demand, as you need it, and it only ignites inside your engine. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

key in ignition

Turn the key ON, and your HHO Generator starts making hydrogen and oxygen.

Turn the key OFF, and it stops making HHO Gas instantly.



This is what HHO Technology will do for you:

  • Double or even TRIPLE your fuel mileage: Although mileage scores may depend on other things such as overall vehicle condition, driving habits and whether or not you employ HHO Enhancers like the EFIE device described below. Some vehicle's have been known to increase mileage as much as 185% with HHO Gas. Some users are saving over $300 per month on fuel costs!
  • Increase the Performance of your vehicle! With HHO Technology you will notice significant improvements in torque, faster acceleration, better throttle response, smoother gear shifts and reduced vibration. HHO Gas also eliminates "knocking" and "pinging" inside your engine.
  • Lower harmful exhaust gas emissions and help protect the environment. When HHO gas is burned inside your engine it converts back into oxygen and water vapor. You can drive around knowing that your vehicle is releasing oxygen into the atmosphere!
  • Remove carbon deposits and sludge from inside your vehicle's engine and exhaust system. HHO causes gasoline and diesel fuel to ignite faster and more completely inside your engine, which will increase the overall lifespan of your engine by reducing wear and excessive vibration.
  • You can start a part-time business with HHO Technology and help your community, while making an extra $300-$600 per week. Not only that, you can make the IRS pay for everything! We provide you with IRS Tax Rebate forms so you can write off the cost of building and installing your HHO system. And should you decide to start a business selling HHO Kits in your community, you can also receive tax benefits for providing "Alternative Energy" to your customers as well!


Read What Others Are Saying....


Hydrogen Generators are NOT hard to build, we've seen children build these devices (under adult supervision of course). Our collection of plans and guides show you pictures and illustrations for building the HHO Generator of your choice. If you don't like the way one manual explains it, you can simply choose another. You can mix and match different designs to make a unique HHO system that is a custom fit to your vehicle. 

HHO Generators are just as simple to install.  With our multiple plans and videos at hand, installation becomes super easy. The ebooks include detailed pictures and diagrams to look at. The HHO gas generated from the electrolyser is sucked into your engine's air intake system as shown in the diagram below. The entire system uses your engine's vacuum pressure to suck in more HHO gas as engine speed increases.

Converting your vehicle to a Hydrogen Hybrid is simple. There is no need to modify your engine or your vehicle's computer. Once your start your car, the HHO Generator uses electricity supplied by your car's battery and Alternator to produce HHO gas (Hydrogen + Oxygen) also known as "OxyHydrogen" or Hydroxy Gas.

The electrical connections are just as simple. The device by-passes any complication by simply connecting the negative wire to your battery and the positive wire to your ignition switch or fuel pump. This ensures that your HHO Generator will not activate unless your vehicle is turned on. The entire system is also fully protected by an inline 30 Amp fuse, which will blow to prevent damage to your HHO cell.

After researching and testing many different HHO Generator designs of all materials, shapes and sizes, we gathered all the best designs that worked and put them into one HUGE package called the HHOSuperPack! Through extensive testing and research, we've found the BEST Hydrogen Generators that can produce the most HHO gas while using the least amount of battery power. We've done all the research and testing for you!


No Problem! HHO Technology actually works BETTER with diesel engines.  It works great on all vehicle types: cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, etc. Besides improving gas mileage, HHO also helps to eliminate exhaust gas particles that diesel trucks are famous for. HHO injection also works great with turbo and supercharged engines. 

For big diesel trucks like the one below, we recommend building one of our HHO Dry Cell designs that we have provided for you.  Since most Big Trucks have 2 batteries and a large alternator, you can install multiple Hydrogen Cells and produce MASSIVE amounts of HHO Gas!


Many people have asked this question, and the answer is simple:

  • First, your vehicle is being damaged EVERY DAY by using fossil fuel.  Fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel are complex and do not burn completely when ignited. As a result it leaves carbon deposits on the pistons and valves inside your engine, causing damage over time. By using HHO gas you clean out your engine every time you drive. HHO burns quickly and powerfully, breaking down existing carbon deposits left by unburnt fuel while protecting your engine from future carbon build-up.
  • Second, because HHO gas cleans out the carbon deposits from inside your engine, you will notice it runs quieter and smoother than ever before.  By reducing friction and vibration, you can increase the lifespan of your engine, which leads to lower maintenance costs and overall better performance.  
  • Finally, HHO Generators are installed without having to modify your engine or vehicle computer system. If your worried about taking your vehicle to the dealership for regular maintenance, simply remove the system. It takes less than 10 minutes to remove.  Also, federal law states that dealerships cannot void a vehicle's warranty just because your using aftermarket parts. Besides, NO modifications are done to the vehicle's engine.


Car manufacturers and Big Oil have done everything possible to keep this technology a secret.  Every time a fuel saving device is invented, they either buy out the patents and remove it from production, or they just make it "disappear", along with the inventor. They are scared to death by how fast HHO Technology can ruin their economy. And remember, although the price of fuel may have dropped since 2008, Gas Prices will NOT stay low forever!

THAT'S why we're sharing our HHOSuperPack with you. We've had it with greedy oil companies and auto makers stealing technology that our society AND environment has the right to enjoy!

  • Join thousands of people who are fed up with high gas prices and pollution caused by greedy oil companies. You can take action RIGHT NOW and have a direct impact on the environment, your community and most importantly... your wallet!
  • We provide you with everything you need: we're sharing with you all the information and secrets that have been hidden by the oil companies for years. We also give you FREE Lifetime Access to download any new HHO Generator designs or fuel saving techniques that we discover. We are always testing new designs to provide for our customers. 
  • Make TONS of money selling HHO Kits in your local area! Gas prices are increasing rapidly, causing a HUGE demand for fuel saving technology. As your customers begin showing off their new HHO systems to their friends and relatives, people will flock to your business to have their vehicles converted.
  • Our HHOSuperPack includes plans for multiple HHO Generators and Enhancers, parts lists, cheapest hardware online as well as where to find cheap materials in your local area. This information can easily help you get started with your own HHO business.


Since every vehicle is different, it's hard to guarantee exactly how much gas mileage you can get. However, we CAN guarantee that you WILL get better mileage with HHO Technology. We've seen vehicles get 35% and we've had customers that have literally DOUBLED their mileage! Usually, you're going to see higher MPG gains from vehicles that are smaller and running good in the first place. If necessary, you can use our collection of plans to build and install multiple HHO Generators in your vehicle for maximum MPG improvement.

Lets say you spend $45 per week on gas, that's $2,160 per year.  Now, imagine if you could just cut your fuel bills in HALF. You could save $22 per week on gas, that's $1,080 per year!

With our HHOSuperPack you will have all the information you need to make the BEST Hydrogen Generators possible, saving you and your family TONS OF MONEY! The important thing is to get started TODAY, before gas prices go back up!  Don't wait for prices to rise again, do it now!

If you use HHO Technology in your vehicle - you WILL save money, guaranteed. If you don't, we will instantly give you a 100% full money-back refund, no questions asked.

If at this point you still need to know more, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

When you place your order below you get INSTANT ACCESS to download more eBooks and information than ANY other Water Hybrid conversion system. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES offering MULTIPLE plans and designs for HHO Generators and HHO Enhancers.

Don't waste money on just one set of plans. It would cost you over $500 to buy all of this information separately.  These are tested designs that actually work!

We call it the HHOSuperPack!

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A Total of 12 Different HHO Generator Designs!


8 Plate Dry Cell

This HHO Cell is called a "Dry Cell" because the water electrolyte mixture is kept enclosed between a series of stainless steel plates and rubber gaskets.

Dry Cells are VERY efficient and capable of producing a very large volume of HHO gas while drawing as little as 15 amps of battery power. You can also customize the amount of individual cells within the unit itself.

Many HHO enthusiasts have switched to using the Dry Cell design because it's safer, provides excellent HHO production and low operating temperature, all without requiring too much space under the hood of your vehicle.

This HHO Dry Cell uses 8 Stainless Steel plates in series, and the electrolyzer operates at only 30-50 degrees Celcius.


21 Plate Dry Cell

These highly detailed plans will show you how to build a very efficient 21 Plate Dry Cell. This particular Dry Cell can produce 4 liters of HHO gas per minute with just 15 amps of current draw.

As you can see, the overall unit size is very compact. The stainless steel plates measure 6x6 inches, or you can just cut them any size you want.

The Dry Cell is the latest and greatest when it comes down to simplicity, size and performance. Dry Cells are easy and fairly cheap to build, and can produce more HHO gas at lower amperage than other HHO cells. 

The Dry Cell is also one of the safest and most durable HHO Generator designs available today.


11 Plate Dry Cell

Our 11 Plate Dry Cell is another great design that also uses series-cell concepts to split water into hydrogen and oxygen very efficiently. This electrolyzer operates at about 85% total efficiency and runs fairly cool at 30-50 degrees Celcius.

This Dry Cell can produce 2.7 LPM while operating at 12.9 volts DC and drawing under 20 amps.

If your thinking about starting a business with HHO Technology, whether your building and installing these kits locally or just selling pre-made kits online, this design is probably the most cost-efficient to build.

This design also comes with plans for an electrolyte refill / bubbler system and an electrolyte cooling system to further increase overall efficiency.


    The "7 Cell Isolated" can produce 2 liters of HHO gas with a current draw of just 10 amps. The cell housing is made of acrylic (plexi-glass) and the stainless steel plates are seated in pre-cut grooves within each cell.

    A unit of this type is capable of producing enough hydroxy gas to power a 250 cc scooter up to 60 mph if a 12 volt car battery is carried and charged between each trip.

    A properly constructed unit of this type is capable of producing 3 LPM of hydroxy gas on just 15 amps of current, which should give a very respectable MPG improvement when used as a car booster, provided the oxygen sensor signas are controlled as described in the EFIE Oxygen Sensor Adjustor plans which we provide.


Efficiency Cell

This is one of the most advanced designs included in this collection. The designer is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable series-cell designer at present time.

He has achieved massively increased gas production rate by using an electrolyzer with a very large number of cells in it. His design uses one hundred cells (101 stainless steel plates) in his electrolyzer.

Ed Holdgate, who works to a very high standard of accuracy, prepares and sells these housings to anyone who is in the process of constructing an electrolyzer of this type.

This unit requires you to build an electronics module that was created specifically for this particular design, and should only be attempted after you are familiar with HHO Technology. 



 In this triple cell design, the Anode (positive electrode) is comprised of a stack of Stainless Steel washers and nuts that are housed inside a Stainless Steel Tube. The outer tube is the Cathode (Negative) and there is a neutral tube in between.

The designer says that it produced 600ml of HHO per minute before he began the process of conditioning the cell. Conditioning is when you increase surface area by sanding a cross-hatch pattern over the active cell area, which allows for maximum HHO gas production.

This is an advanced design that requires access to special tools and more expensive material, but can be well worth the time if you decide to pursue a more in-depth approach to this kind of technology and research.



This HHO Booster uses a Joe Cell contained within a stainless steel housing. The Joe Cell is basically a series cell, the only difference being that it uses tubes in place of straight plates.

This HHO Generator produces 1 LPM at 13.8 volts and 10 amps. The steel housing helps to radiate heat to the environment, keeping the water temperature below 60 deg. centigrade.

It is a 6 cell design with 7 tubes. The rugged, welded steel housing allows for a longer cell life, possibly longer than the vehicle. A fuel cell of this construction is best suitable for use in boats or heavy machinery.




This is a very neat and simple booster which the designer claims to have raised his average MPG from 18 to 27 (50% increase) on his 5-liter 1992 Chevy Caprice. The Hotsabi is a very basic cell that can be made from the most simple materials.

It can produce 400ml of Hydroxy gas per minute, using only 10 amps of current draw. 400ml may not seem like much, however, it does not follow that the greatest MPG gains are produced by the largest HHO gas flow rate.

A larger HHO Booster may only provide a 25% MPG gain in spite of having more than three times the gas flow rate. Let me stress again that each engine is different and overall mileage improvements will depend on how inefficient the engine is to begin with.


HHO Power 

The "HHO Power Tower" is another simple design which uses readily available parts and materials. This sleek and slender model produces about 650ml of HHO gas per minute while drawing 8-10 amps of electricity.

A great feature is the clear housing that allows you to actually see the electrolyzer in action and easily check the water level in your device so you know when to refill.

Due to the low current draw, you can easily join two cells like this together and increase your mileage gains to get the most from your investment.

This particular design is also featured in our HHO Video Instructions series.



The design that started it all, these "Mason Jar" type kits are the easiest and cheapest to build. They can produce about 250ml of HHO gas per minute and draw only 2 to 5 amps of battery power.

These units are perfect for smaller engines like riding lawnmowers and home generators. The low current draw allows you to join up to 6 cells together for maximum production and efficiency.

Perfect for showing your friends how a simple  electrolyser works or demonstrating this new fuel saving technology to a classroom audience.

Many websites sell this design by itself for $97.


Booster Series

The SMK2 HHO Booster is very easy to make and the parts only cost about $50 to build it. The material can be easily found at any local hardware store.

The technical performance of this unit is very good as it produces 1.7 liters of HHO gas per minute, with a current draw of just 20 amps.

This is not rocket science, and this HHO Booster can be built by anybody. A clever extra feature is the very compact transparent bubbler attached to the side, which shows the gas flow traveling  from the HHO electrolyzer. 

The main PVC pipe height can be adjusted to suit the available space under the hood of your vehicle.  This particular unit measures 10 inches tall x 4 inches wide.



This eBook contains plans for an electrolyser designed by Zach West of the USA. His unique design is not difficult to build nor is it particularly expensive.

The electrolyser contains eight pairs of electrodes made of 316L stainless steel shimstock, which are coiled around in a "swiss roll" style and inserted into a 10 x 2 inch PVC pipe.

Zach's system incorporates eight cells joined together in series, each cell producing about 1.5 LPM while drawing 15 amps across the entire group of HHO cells.

This design is very efficient and the plans contain a configuration for an auto-refill system as well as an electromagnet to "excite" the HHO gas before combustion.


How To Build MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancers

map enhancerA MAP/MAF sensor enhancer is used to lean out the air/fuel mix while using hydroxy gas injection. This enhancer uses a very simple technique to manipulate the signal traveling from the sensor to the ECU (vehicle computer).

The MAP/MAF enhancer is usually wired into the wiring harness between the sensor and the vehicle computer. Certain vehicles may require you to use these HHO Enhancers.

The enhanced version has two adjusters so that one can be set to city conditions while the other can be optimized for the highway.  It also includes a toggle switch so you can change everything back to the original factory settings.


How To Build E.F.I.E. Oxygen Sensor Adjusters 

EFIE adjustorWhen an HHO Generator is attached to an engine, it causes the fuel burn inside the cylinders to be greatly improved, with a corresponding improvement in engine performance.

Unfortunately, the vehicle's Oxygen Sensor is expecting the same amount of unburnt oxygen to come out of the exhaust, and when it doesn't detect it, the vehicle computer may increase the fuel flow rate in attempt to get back to its normal factory readings.

For this reason, a device called an E.F.I.E. (Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer) is used. The E.F.I.E. allows you to toggle very precisely on a chosen air/fuel ratio by altering the electric signal traveling from the Oxygen Sensor to the computer. This device does NOT alter the computer, it tricks the computer with a false signal.


           How To Make A PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) 

pwm plans

The PWM  is used for controlling amperage draw.  If you build one of the smaller HHO Generators like the Hotsabi Booster, then you will not need to use a PWM.

If you build one of the bigger HHO Generators made with plates that is pulling over 20 amps and putting out some gas it could be a good idea.  With the bigger HHO Generators they may continue to pull more amps as the generator heats up.  Using a PWM allows you to control that current draw. 

This is not required, but very helpful, especially when running multiple high-output cells. If you do not want to build your own PWM, you can purchase one online.



HHO Technology - Research Encyclopedia

HHO research

This ebook contains over 275 pages of detailed information about HHO Generators, including the most recent advancements in HHO research. The book also contains scientific data supporting reduced fuel usage with hydroxy gas injection.

You will also learn more about dealing with the vehicle's computer and different methods for troubleshooting these problems. Anyone who decides to start a local business with HHO Technology will find this ebook very useful.

The HHO Research Encyclopedia explains in detail everything you need to know about the process of using a Hydrogen On-Demand system in a modern vehicle engine. There are a few more HHO Generator designs in this ebook as well.


                 HHO Cutting Torch Construction Video


As a special bonus, we've also included video instructions to make your own HHO Cutting Torch! This HHO torch design is cheap and easy to build, and includes flashback protection.

The flame temperature depends on the material being cut, and can cut materials unheard of by oxy-acetyline torches. There is no smoke due to the clean burn of HHO, making a much safer work environment for the user and bystanders alike. You will absolutely love the capabilities of an HHO Cutting Torch!


18 Step-By-Step Instructional Videos


To make things even easier, we've included a series of 18 instructional videos for building your own Hydroxy Booster.

This video series covers such topics as containers, electrical connections, stainless steel arrays, how to make a bubbler and demonstrates a completed installation of the HHO system.

These instructional videos can be easily viewed using Windows Media Player.




    BONUS #1 - How To Maximize Fuel Savings With HHO

max fuel savings

This ebook includes other Gas Saving Devices and techniques to OPTIMIZE your fuel savings with HHO Gas injection, ensuring you save the most money with your new technology.

One of the devices described in this manual is the Fuel Pre-Heater. A fuel pre-heater is a simple device, usually assembled of a heat conducting metal such as brass. It uses otherwise wasted exhaust heat to preheat the fuel before it reaches the fuel injection manifold or carburetor.

Another unique device is the Battery Booster, which is used to boost spark for increased performance. Good for racing, and it works for gasoline and diesel engines alike.

You'll also discover how to make a very safe and effective Gas Saving Formula to put into your fuel tank.


                      BONUS #2 - 100% Water Car Plans

water car

For the past 40 years, hundreds of researchers have tried to develop an engine that runs 100% on HHO Gas.

The most successful was Stan Meyer back in the early 1970's with his 100% water powered dune buggy.

Before Stan Meyer was able to release his invention to the public, his friends and family all believe he was murdered for refusing to sell his patents to the Oil Companies for 80 million dollars.

These plans contain some of his water engine blueprints and the designs for his superior HHO system. So far, no one has been able to rebuild it.

                     BONUS #3 -  IRS Tax Rebate Forms


With these Tax Credit Rebate Forms, you can actually Force the IRS to pay for the entire cost of building and installing your HHO system!

Federal law provides IRS tax refunds for anyone who uses "Green Technology" in their vehicle. Even if you build one for each vehicle in your household, the IRS will still owe you money for doing it!

We've also included the IRS Business Tax Credit form in case you decide to start your own HHO Conversion Business in your local area.


                   BONUS #4 - Basic Electronics Tutorial

    electronics guide

In order to build the HHO electronics devices, such as the EFIE Oxygen Sensor Adjustor or PWM, you must know how to read electrical wiring diagrams (schematics).

We've included this Basic Electronics Tutorial so that you can learn the difference between a diode and a resistor, and the symbols that represent the parts and configurations required to build your own HHO Enhancers.

Understanding electronics is like learning how to ride a bicycle, once you learn you never forget, and you will soon realize that such a skill can greatly assist you when building the more advanced HHO Generator designs that are included in this amazing package.


BONUS #5 - Basic Soldering Tutorial

soldering guideA Basic Soldering Tutorial is also included in this package to be used with the Basic Electronics Tutorial.

Soldering involves melting and flowing a filler metal into the joint with a tool called a Soldering Iron, the filler metal having a relatively low melting point.

Solder is used when making your own electronics in order to hold two (or more) conductors in electrical contact with each other. Solder is not used to make the electrical contact itself.

You do not have to be a computer geek or electrician to understand this stuff, learning how to solder is very easy and fun. Making your own HHO Enhancers will save you money, as most websites that sell pre-made EFIE's and MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancers can charge up to $85 per device.


                    BONUS #6 - How To Make Biodiesel 

make biodiesel

This simple guide will show you how to make your own Biodiesel from vegetable oil, used cooking oil, fryer grease, animal fats and lard!

All you need are a few easy to find chemicals and some basic equipment that you can easily buy or make yourself at home.

By following the directions in this eBook, you will be able to make a cheap, clean burning, non-toxic, renewable, high-quality diesel motor fuel you can use in your vehicle without any engine modification.

A link is also provided in this manual to a much more advanced procedure for those of you who are pretty hard core about this process. We really hope you enjoy this alternative fuel resource!


                   BONUS #7 - How To Make E85 Ethanol

make ethanol

Ethanol is an attractive fuel alternative because it does not depend on fossil fuels. E85 burns cleaner than gasoline does, and more importantly it opens the door to power a vehicle or other machinery with ingredients grown in any country in the world.

The process of converting organic matter into alcohol is not a terribly complicated process. The chemistry, construction and basic conversion process are simple enough for pretty much anyone to understand.

This eBook will show you the process of distilling your own E85 Ethanol. It is very important that you do the necessary investigation before beginning on your quest to distill your own ethanol. If you are in the US or Canada you will need to obtain the necessary government permits and make sure you adhere to all of the laws in place.


                            BONUS #8 - How To Build The Perfect Wind Turbine 

windpowerBuilding a wind power turbine is an easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to save money on your electricity bill.

A professional wind turbine large enough to provide enough energy to power an average sized home can run anywhere from $8,000 to over $20,000. However, you can build one, or multiple windmills to obtain similar results for much cheaper than $8,000.

This guide will show you how to build your own wind generator for as little as $200. These windmills can be setup to power any household appliance. Even though you can build this windmill for next to nothing, you will need to be in a windy location for this to be worth the effort. If not, you should look more into solar power.


                                             BONUS #9 - How To Make Solar Panels CHEAP!


Making solar panels at home is just as easy and cost effective as building your own wind power system.

A brand new 100 watt Solar Panel would cost you well over $800. With this DIY Solar Panel guide you will be able to build your own 100w solar panels for as little as $150 each.

Imagine living "Off The Grid" with your very own solar energy system. How much money could you save every month with just a handful of these home-made solar panel array's in your yard?

Put it this way, if you were to build just 10 DIY Solar Panels you could easily lower your electricity bill down to ZERO. Build 20 DIY Solar Panels, and the electric company will have to pay YOU!

That's an extra $150 to $250 per month in your pocket!

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As well as providing you with practically EVERY set of HHO plans and enhancers that have been created to date, we are also dedicated to expanding our database with the latest designs and updates in HHO Technology!

We are granting all of our members LIFETIME ACCESS to any new plans that we acquire through our continued testing and research.

The moment we acquire a new set of HHO Plans or other Fuel Saving Techniques, we'll add them to our download page for you to enjoy!


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HHO Technology was developed with SAFETY in mind.  There are NO dangerous hazards to worry about. We admit HHO Gas can be dangerous, but only if you store it under pressure in tanks.  HHO Generators create hydrogen-on-demand, it only makes as much as the engine needs. HHO is more powerful than regular hydrogen, yet stable. Besides that, our HHO systems employ two VERY reliable safety devices; the Safety Bubbler and the Flashback Arrestor.

Your HHO Generator will never build up any pressure - it is instantly used while it's being produced. In the unlikely event that a spark or flame is produced within the cell, it will be instantly absorbed by the water in the Safety Bubbler. The 30 amp fuse will also prevent your HHO cell from drawing too much electricity and overheating.

THOUSANDS of customers have already proven HHO to be safe. In fact it is safer than most electric hybrid's using lithium ion batteries which can spontaneously explode!  Bottom line: unlike other "hybrid cars", your HHO Hybrid system will be very safe and reliable.

Maintenance: Overall, HHO Generators require very little maintenance. Simply check the water level every 2 weeks, adding more as you need it. If you ever need new parts they are easy to find and replace, although this is highly unlikely. A properly constructed Hydrogen Generator system will last the lifespan of your engine.

Cold Weather Operation:  If  the water inside your HHO Generator freezes during winter, simply turn the HHO system on and the ice will begin to melt instantly. Electricity can pass through ice just as easily as water. You can also add 3-4 ounces of Isopropyl Alcohol  to the water inside the Safety Bubbler to prevent freezing.


Even the best HHO Generators can be made for as little as $50.  Many people are selling fully assembled HHO kits for $250 and higher.  That's a profit of $200 per kit!  As your customers realize how much gas they are saving they'll start telling all their friends about it.  As the word spreads in your community, you'll be selling as many HHO kits as you can build.  Think about all the EXTRA MONEY you can make!

Selling just 3 HHO kits per week, you could easily make over $2,000 per month, PART TIME. You can install these kits in less than 20 minutes, imagine the profit you can make if you decided to turn this into a full time job. The Alternative Energy market is recession proof.  If gas prices get too high again, you'll be making a fortune!

People are still suffering from high fuel prices, so the demand for this type of technology is still very high. Once you get the word out people will be driving from other cities in your area just to have their vehicle converted.

We install HHO kits at our shop and we frequently get customers from other states!


We understand that some people are not "Mechanically Inclined" or they simply do not have the time or tools necessary to build their own HHO kit.  If your one of these people you need to:

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