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1. I cannot download my HHO Plans. (Interrupted during download or Lost Link)

This happens when a customer either closes their internet browser by accident before downloading the product, or when the order service website is temporarily down.

All you need to do is wait just a few days, and you will recieve an automatic follow up email which contains your unique "Download Link" for your HHO Plans.

If by some chance you do not recieve the follow up email, send us an email by clicking here and explain "I still did not receive my HHO plans" and remember to include the name on the Credit Card or PayPal account used to place your order.

After verifying your order, we will email you a link to download the HHOSuperPack.

2. I cannot extract or open the .Zip file or .Rar file to my computer.

In order to extract a .zip file, you must have WinZip installed on your computer. Most computers, especially with Windows XP or higher, already come with WinZip pre-installed. However, you can download and install a trial-offer for WinZip by clicking here.

You can also download a free extractor for .rar files by clicking here. Make sure to download the appropriate file type from the HHOSuperPack download page.

Another option is to go back and download your ebooks and video files one-by-one. If you have lost your download link or forgot to bookmark the download page, click here and email us explaining "I lost my download link" and you must include the name on the credit card or paypal account used to purchase the HHOSuperPack.

3. I cannot open the PDF files on my computer.  I cannot play the Videos.

In order to view a PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Most computers come with Adobe Reader pre-installed, however, you can download a FREE PDF reader called "NitroPDFReader" by clicking here.

VIDEO FILES: We provide you with VLC Free Media Player in your download of our HHO plans.

3. Which HHO Generator design is the best for my vehicle model.

A. Small Cars, Trucks and SUV's with Gasoline Engines:  For vehicles of this type, we recommend building and installing the 8 Plate or 11 Plate HHO Dry Cell also using a Volo FS2 Chip or an EFIE Adjustor if possible.

B. Larger Trucks and SUV's with Diesel EnginesFor larger vehicles of this type, we recommend building and installing the 21 Plate HHO Dry Cell also using a Volo FS2 Chip or using an EFIE Adjustor.

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